Medical Genetic TestingWith a simple oral swab, our lab provides clinicians with the ability to predict disease pharmacological interactions, identifying carriers and establishing prenatal or clinical diagnosis or prognosis. Our goal is to empower every medical professional and patient with the specific knowledge to properly treat, prescribe and dose a patient’s symptoms and conditions with accurate medication in specific dosages for optimized results. This can all be done with accurate genetic information specific to the patient. Most patient diagnostics today is done through what has been a typical trial-and-error dosage scheme based on historical data.

Through molecular genetics, a patient can now have a treatment plan tailored specifically for body type and physiology. In other words, their known genetic code becomes an “owners operations manual” unlike any that have been available to date for patient diagnostics. Unlike traditional testing that requires blood samples, special equipment and staff trained to draw blood our testing is done by a simple swab of the patients check so anyone can do it.